Marty Mummery is a Medway based guitarist who also dabbles in the drums. His dream has always been to make his love of music into a full time venture, and this is where his journey really begins!


Marty is in a covers band called Betty and the Chevrons. He has for a long time been trying to find a band with members that he can gel with and that understand his passion for music, he has found this with BATC.


BATC are also in the process of creating some of their own original content which Marty is really looking forward to creating.


If you are interested in checking out my band Betty and the Chevrons, you can check us out at or website where we will have updates on gigs and other various things that we will be getting up to. You can also find us on


If you are looking for a session guitarist, a dep guitarist or you would like to chat about any other musical project that he can help with, feel free to contact him.


Marty also tutors. You can find out details on his tutoring page. 



Enjoying a jam night. Although getting out has taken a back seat of late, Marty will soon be getting back out there jammin'. 

In 2016, Marty took on drums as a second instrument. He's been enjoying making up fills and experimenting with his paradiddle! 


Ever the showman! 

Marty has huge stage presence; definitely needs his space when he's rockin'!

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